Country Villa is located just seven minutes' drive from the port of Sami and very near to sigh seeings like Drogarati cave, Melissani cave and two of the most beautiful beaches of the world Myrtos Beach and Antisamos Beach.


A 2-storey, 3-bedroom Villa with a/c, near the port of Sami. The house accommodates up to six persons, providing spacious rooms, two bathrooms, one on each storey, a fully equipped kitchen and a sun-filled lounge. The garden, porch and playground are ideal for a family.


Quiet and peaceful with a big garden for the kids to play.


Fully furnished property.


The Area

The Ionian Islands / region


The Ionian Islands are located in the Ionian Sea, off the west coast of Greece and are composed of Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Paxos and Kythira.

The islands are well known for their beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, charming villages and stunning scenic countryside which is verdant and flourishing with greenery and nature. Each Ionian island has a distinct character and between them they offer everything you could wish for from a Greek Island holiday.


Kefalonia / Sami area


Sami is a region of unique natural beauty. It has many caves, a pole of attraction for nature lovers and researchers. Sami, the head of the homonym municipality, is located in the east part of the island, 22km from Argostoli.


It is one of the biggest shopping centers and an important tourist resort. The port of Sami is considered one of the most important in Kefalonia, as it connects the island with Patra and Italy.

The region has some of the most beautiful beaches, satisfying all demands, as it gives you the opportunity to decide among sandy and with pebbles, beaches. In the organized beach of Sami you can enjoy the sun, the clear sea and those of you wanting to exercise, there are all the appropriate infrastructures for water sports.

You can also swim in the beach of Karavomylos and in the gulf of Saint Paraskevi, ideal for those wanting some privacy.


Sami is the land of caves. There are more than 17 caves in the region, two of which can be visited. It is the cave of Drogarati, one of the biggest and most beautiful natural sites of Kefalonia. It is very close to the sea cave of Melissani. It was discovered 300 years ago, when during a severe earthquake, part of it fell and revealed its current entrance. It has a 60m depth, while it is rather possible to communicate with other caves. The cave’s interior is full of stalactites and stalagmites. The patterns impress visitors.


The cave of Melissani is the most beautiful and famous in the island. It is a cave – lake in location Karavomylos 15 minutes' ddrive. It was discovered just in 1951 by the speleologist Petrohilos and has tourist development. Part of its ceiling has fallen and has created a natural scenery. The sunlight enters and as its sunrays are mirrored in Ionian waters, they create a unique spectacle.


The existence of the cave is known since ancient times. According to mythology, nymph Melissanthi killed herself by falling into the lake, when Panas refused her love. Inside the lake is also a small island, where there were found the remains of Panas’ ancient temple that foster this myth. You can tour around the cave only by boat. It has a length of more than 100m. A special boat that will be unforgettable.


Sami apart from natural sites also has religious monuments. It is worth visiting the monastery of Agrilia, built on a hill right above the beach of Antisami viewing to Ithaca and Patraic Gulf. As and the byzantine church of Saint Spyridonas in Poulata village.

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